As i'm writing this page
the wedding songs are being played
Thinking about how future might be
will I still be here to stay?

Past few days has been shocking to me
Is the love songs still sung through the days?
Or am I the only one who cares about the notes and beats
and singing in a solo way?

Hope not, Hope not to be...
Hope not to be in this lonely place.
If loneliness haunts me
I will just choose to hide away

Let me bring back my memories,
about few months before summer break.
You were as sweet as you could be
made me only want to love u more and more each day.

Today! It's already the 250th day
We still have a long way..
Maybe 60 more years give or take..
I want you to be beside me
either sleep or awake.

Please please let love still make,
let love still make us pay,
make us pay for what we deserve to taste,
and cradle through the golden maze!

----------------- Tracy Chen


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