When sharing the share... what exactly is there to put in?
whole? half? or none? 

Everyday everyone have some sort of realization of something..
might lead to good and might lead to bad...
is it easier to be kept? or let out?

I have becoming to a person from "kept" to "let out "
some think healthy.. some think dangerous..
myself find it hard to balance... is there any adjustment to be made?
or simply just go with the flow...

sometimes when we encounter difficulties... which emotion arises..
is it healthy? or is it dangerous?
myself find it hard to cope.... there must be some adjustment already been made.....
and continue to grow......

when sharing the share... what is there to be understood?
surface? heart felt? or none?

or in the end.. we just want to get our dirty feelings 
and just shove it up in someone's ass...

please... pardon my language.


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